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Cutting Ties to Ignite Your Creativity

Chakra Flow reading for 17 May 2024 Newsletter - Card decks used: Rachelle Charman, Inna Segal and Abiola Abrams.

Sacral - Creativity - #1

Root - Free Yourself from Pain - #2

Perspective Card: Etheric Cords - Goddess: Erzulie Dantor - Element: Fire - #9 - Golden Blue

Balance Card: - Storms - Goddess: Oya - Element: Water - #4

This is a wonderful time to be creative. A sure way to unleash creativity from the depths of the Soul is first by cutting any ties (etheric cords) that are holding you back and stunting your growth. Once the cords are cut, there will be pain. Allow your root to provide the healing nutrients you need to free yourself from the pain of letting go of what no longer serves. During this period of restoration, be loving and gentle with yourself. Enjoy some ‘me’ time. Rest. 

When you feel restored, look ahead into the unknown, capture it and birth something new. Stop recycling and repackaging old shit. Create some new shit, inspired by golden blue desire for more. We have only scratched the surface on the wonders of life.

Try this: Either in the wee hours of the morning, or during twilight, feel the calm of light and darkness working in harmony. This is what I call the blues. When our perspective in shadowed in blue. This is where you find new shit. Beyond the rainbow.

Numbers 1, 2 = 3. This is balanced with perspective. Number 9 is life fighting to stay young. It’s a stormy life ruled by Oya, Goddess of Storms. She is in 4 dimensions and she is tethered (etheric cord) to five dimensions (which includes us, 3rd dimension). The eighth and ninth dimensions is decision time. Stand in gap of 9, mimicking 8 or bridge the gap across 10 bringing Life with her into the unknown. This is where magic happens, and for those of us who are tapped into our creative side, the unknown is limitless!


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